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Remote recording - Love for Dorah Jacson

Chris, Pete and Joel try a remote recording. Chris asks random questions. Some technical difficulties. Much love for Dorah Jacson.

Support Dorah Jacson at Bandcamp

and listen to her new single Lurking on Spotify or watch below! vvvv


I don’t think of myself as a fussy eater!

Simon, Pete and Chris discuss cleaning contracts for kids. Simon is not a fussy eater. Chris is excited for Dorah Jacson's new track.

What's on your playlist includes:

BBC Blood on the tracks

Gary Gulman

Dorah Jacson - Away video


Mobile gaming is the devil

Tim and Chris discuss the state of mobile gaming and implications for parents (39.00). What's on your playlist is all Mandalorian (50.00)!! New music from Pretty Jesus to close the show (1:00.00). 

Episode links:

Pretty Jesus - Be Mine Valentine - Youtube - Spotify

The Mandalorian

Microtransactions to be a console feature

Music by Dorah Jacson


Kobe. Death. Songs we leave behind

Chris begins with a comment about Kobe Bryant's death. Joel has been thinking about death and the team share what they are planning on leaving behind when they are gone.

Also mentioned:

The Inbetweeners

The Spy

Talking Heads

Music by:

Dorah Jacson


Back again! With Cloe Terare

The Dad Regime returns for 2020. Chris is embarrassed to have a documentary made about him and his teaching. Joel and Simon anticipate their eldest boys starting school. 

We are so excited to play Cloe Terare's new track 'Easy' featuring Dorah Jacson on acoustic guitar. 

Check out the documentary about Chris here:

Also mentioned:

The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light

The Inbetweeners

The Witcher 

Music by: Dorah Jacson



The Brick Zone, Youth and Men’s Health

Chris drops into the Brick Zone for a chat with owner and creator Richard. Simon, Rob and Chris discuss data on issues impacting youth in Australia and men's health. Pretty Jesus close the episode with their track 'Mushroom'.


US Gun Debate

Chris and Tim discuss the recent mass shooting in the U.S. plus the difficulties and nuances around the gun the debate. 

For interested listeners:

FBI Homicide Data

Every Town Research

Mass Shootings in 2019

Music by Pretty Jesus



All the way from Atlanta

Chris chats one on one with Tim Mustard. Tim is a father with an interesting story. Tim discusses his battle with depression and life as a stay at home dad. 

Also we play Dorah Jacson's new track 'Sinking' - Listen to more here

Intro music by Pretty Jesus


Depression Statistics

Pete, Simon and Chris discuss recent research around depression rates in school aged children. Pretty Jesus close with their new track 'Mushroom'.

Also mentioned:

The Umbrella Academy

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes


And new music from Pretty Jesus 


Rob Proffitt-White Part 2 plus Tones and I

Chris and Joel continue their conversation with Rob Proffitt-White on Mathematics, teaching and learning - then conclude with 'What's on your playlist?' Yes, we have permission to play this track.


Tone and I

Found my fitness


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